Red Velvet Macarons


Making macarons with an added ingredient in the macaron shell is quite tricky to make. The first time I tried to bake red velvet macarons, I added too much cocoa powder into the almond-icing sugar mixture, and my shells turned out like flat biscuits.

This time around, I added much less and they came out perfectly. It was such a great feeling, watching my shells form feet in the oven as I looked on anxiously (anxiously because wasting almond flour is extremely expensive).

When I took a bite of the shell, it had just the right amount of cocoa – not too overpoweringly sweet, but sweet enough that you knew there was chocolate featured inside the flavor profile. IMG_20150220_224128Also, my macarons aren’t hollow! Hooray!

The cream cheese filling needs some work though – need to add more cream cheese in proportion to butter. A short tip is to always add salt into your cream so that it won’t feel like you’re going to get diabetes immediately after consuming one.

I’m slowly improving on my macaron making capabilities, and I’m throwing fewer failed macarons away. It could reach about 50 previously, but yesterday I only threw away 3!

IMG_20150220_082302I like this picture. I always wanted to take a photo featuring most of the flavors I have, but I never got around to it. Anyway, featured above are: red velvet, lemon, vanilla, lavender-honey, coconut-lime, rose, and salted caramel. It took me a whopping 6 hours to complete all 40 of them because I had to make them in small individual batches (one for each flavor), but the result was awesome 🙂





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