Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes


Matcha and chocolate were a match made in heaven.

Any type of chocolate goes well with matcha, but I used dark chocolate frosting for my cupcakes and it balanced extremely well – white chocolate gave an overall sweet flavor, and milk chocolate is well…just boring.

The thing about matcha is that a little goes a long way – I only used 1 tablespoon for 6 cupcakes, but it’s extremely expensive, especially the high quality pure matcha tea powder. I can’t remember how much it is, but when I next go to stock up on my green tea powder I won’t forget to tell you guys how much it costs.

IMG_20150213_111552I used a whipped chocolate ganache for this recipe. Smooth, silky and just luscious. I don’t like matcha – I don’t even like chocolate – but I took a tentative bite of this as a taste test (this flavor pairing was specially requested for) and I just kept on munching…and munching…until I was left with an empty cupcake liner.

I’m not being biased really – the cupcake base was a bit grainy to me, which means I have to sift the matcha powder more because it tends to clump together, but other than that I believed the taste to be alright.

The color contrast is nice too 🙂 Very natural, like a tree. I love nature by the way. If you have not noticed the flowers in all my pictures you should – they’re mostly all different species hohoho. When I grow up I want my house to be like ‘an apartment in a garden’. Maybe if I do manage to buy a teeny flat and do it up nicely I’ll share it, but that will be in 10 years I should say 😦

Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes

Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes


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