What I Learnt This Valentine’s Day


Diary entry #2

It’s a lot of hard work to maintain a relationship. Personally, I’ve been in one for 3 years (and I can tell you that it’s a lot of hard work, commitment and patience) and along the road I’ve seen many lovely couples separate. Some are lucky enough to remain as best friends; others not as fortunate.

Really, I think the most important factor in a relationship is trust. Without trust, how are you going to spend the rest of your life double-thinking a significant other? It’s practically impossible. You need to trust that your SO will care for you, provide for you (I believe both partners should be self-sustaining and help each other when it comes to financial issues), and also to be there for you. You can’t achieve marriage without trust.

Not that I’m saying I want to marry yet.  I’m not ready yet and I’m still young (I’m only 19 going on 20 this year). But most of all I’m afraid. Marriage isn’t easy, it’s a life-long promise and it’s so easy to break. IMG_20150214_104230That’s why I love my part-time job. I received cupcake orders from a friend currently studying overseas. She’s an extremely wonderful, nice and sincerely caring friend who listened to my problems when we were still in Junior College. I never had a chance to repay her, but when she came to me with a request to deliver to her boyfriend I happily agreed.

It’s the simple things that makes someone happy, especially when you receive a surprise little box one day after Valentine’s from someone who is on the other side of the world. And I’m happy that I can help to facilitate this kind of gifting between couples to help the relationship to continue on and remain strong.

I think Valentine’s Day is a cute idea – some couples need the day to refuel their passion for one another – but it’s also slightly overrated. Couples shouldn’t wait for a single day to express their love for one another; they should do it at least once a week maybe. A simple ‘I love you’ can make someone’s entire month. So all the couples out there, please don’t take anyone for granted. Even your friends and family.

“Appreciate what you’ve got, when you can.” – jsebastienne



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