Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes


I’m very sorry for not posting for 2 weeks – school started and homework and projects has been piling up. Plus orders for Valentine’s Day was insane – I had to complete 840 macarons as well as package them within 2 days, so I guess you could say I didn’t have enough time to blog.

Well, now that the macaron making fever is now over, I can have some time to take a few shots of the new flavors of cupcakes I’m introducing.

The first is chocolate raspberry. I baked a test batch and decided to give it to my mom to take it to church for her friends to share – I got an order for it immediately after. I was quite surprised because I didn’t think it was perfect, but I guess that’s a good sign – my basics are there, enough to make the foundation flavor enjoyable.


Totally off topic, but I just love the flowers I stole from my mother’s vase (I didn’t kill it, I just pulled it out from the pot and the petals were already falling off). I should make a cupcake with that colored frosting next time. Hmmm…

IMG_20150213_100359  I always add a few little decorative toppings in the form of pearls so that there will be a little bit of bite to the cupcake – a satisfactory contrast in relation to the soft and fluffy cupcake base and buttercream frosting.

I can’t believe I’ve nearly gone through my entire tube of 500 cupcakes liners within 2 months. I just love making cupcakes. So cute. So petite. Just like me.

Nah I’m just joking.

Chinese New Year is next week (yes, I’m Asian). I should come up with a lovely CNY flavor…if I do I can’t wait to share it with you guys! 🙂 Once again thanks for keeping up with me although I have not posted anything for days!


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