Sea Salt Caramel Candy


It’s amazing that this simple picture has helped me to garner more than 2o followers on Instagram.

Trust me when I tell you that you need to invest in a candy thermometer when you decided to make candy – there are many steps involving the temperature of the sugar syrup to reach the magical number 245F (soft ball stage). This step is crucial – I tried to make an Italian meringue without measuring the temperature, and my syrup ended up hardening into crystals as I poured it into my egg whites – not a good idea.


Caramel candy is incredibly simple to make. The chewiness depends on the amount of cream you pour into the caramel. Mine is a chewy candy, and it’s amaaaaazing because it has the texture of toffee, elastic like cheese, and melts in your mouth. Delicious.

Also, when making salted caramel, it’s best to use fine sea salt – normal table salt doesn’t give the right flavor. For decorative purposes, use coarse sea salt. But it really depends, you don’t need it. However, you have to add in the fine sea salt right at the beginning of the cooking process, so try to find some in your local supermarket. IMG_20150201_100756Also, you have no idea how long it took for me to wrap up nearly 50 of these sweets in the paper wrappers. It’s a good idea to refridgerate them before cutting them into strips of your preference, because then it won’t stick everywhere like glue. You’ll find that popping it into the fridge for 20 minutes or so when it gets too warm will help you to manage it better.

Candy is great fun to make – but not with your kids. I got burnt by the caramel once, and oh wow it was real bad. I had a blister bubble 10 seconds after it plopped onto my finger and it didn’t go away for 2 weeks. So please don’t do it with your kids. Wrapping: With Kids. Cooking: No Kids


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