Peanut Butter Jelly Cupcakes

IMG_20150129_180250 I have finally found a design for the frosting which makes these cupcakes elegant, but not too pretentious either. With a peanut butter frosting and a little mound of grape jelly (which is the traditional flavor to use), these cupcakes are a hit and it’s no wonder why. The balance between salty and sweet is addictive, just like salted caramel. Idea: make a salted caramel cake? 🙂IMG_20150129_164846 I still find it annoying that my cupcakes don’t have tall, straight sides – the cupcake pan which you use is solely responsible for this. My pan is extremely shallow, and only fits half the height of the cupcake liner. But my vision is that as long as it tastes good, aesthetics don’t REALLY matter (although they do matter, just a bit). Based on feedback from my siblings, I added some edible silver pearls to give the cupcakes a little difference in texture a.k.a to give them a crunch. IMG_20150129_164209Loving the way these cupcakes look in this picture #nofilter 😀


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