Dark Chocolates with Salted Caramel Filling


Well, I had a sudden urge to make some homemade chocolate (even though I’m not a huge fan of the stuff). But when I tried this after making ithe my lord, it was so good. Okay, sorry for being egoistic but my sentiments were shared with all who tried a piece.

If you haven’t been able to guess the flavor, but you should have because it’s in the title, it’s salted caramel encased in a crunchy shell of dark chocolate.IMG_20150122_191019

I bought the mould from my local bakery store, but there is no machine to help you temper chocolate – you just have to do it yourself and practice. I filled the moulds with the tempered chocolate and let it settle for half a minute before shaking the excess out of the moulds. Then I froze this and prepared the caramel sauce. After that it was just a simple case of piping the caramel into the cavity and filling it up again with tempered chocolate.

I would compare the difficulty level of tempering chocolate to that of making macarons – tricky at first, but then as time goes on you’ll soon get the feeling of it! I used the microwave method because I can’t be bothered to set up a bain-marie. Do it whichever way you want though. It’s a free country. At least where I’m from.



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