Mixed Berry Sponge Cake



This is a mixed berry sponge cake with a lemon cream cheese filling for my lovely mother’s birthday (if you’re reading this mom, love ya 😉 ). It actually takes a very short time to make, but due to all my previous silly mistakes I took half a day to make this.

I folded a punnet each (250g) of blueberries and raspberries into the cream cheese filling. What you’re actually seeing in the picture is not the actual cream cheese, but a lemon buttercream border I made specially for that purpose – to act as a barrier to hold the cream cheese filling in the cake, if not it will all come oozing down the sides like what happened in my previous attempt.


This was the cake before I coated it in icing sugar- a mixture of red currants, blueberries and raspberries as well as a couple of jasmine flowers I picked right from the garden (I washed them before putting them on the cake, obviously). I also added some mint leaves to provide some color, just for aesthetic purposes, but it does pair well with the flavor and scent of the berries.

10906501_10205242634522117_7880308071847211797_nI just love this rustic charm I don’t know why. It reminds me of winter, when everything has lost it’s color and life underneath a thin powder of snow. But there’s something magical to that scene, and I wanted to bring that out in my creations. I can’t stop thinking of experimenting with my recipes, wondering how I can execute them better and improve the texture, taste etc. Hopefully when they slice the cake open tomorrow the layers will be perfect (firstly I hope it will survive the journey to the cake-slicing-venue 😦 )



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