Mini Chocolate Pound Cakes


Oh boy, this looks soooo sinful.

Although traditional pound cakes call for a pound of butter, a pound of sugar and a pound of eggs (hence the name), you don’t always have to follow tradition. For one, it is rather unhealthy; and two, there have been no improvements without modification, and my pound cake recipe is totally un-identical to the original recipe. Although it’s denser than your average sponge cake, it’s still fluffy and moist.


I added a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache to the top of these little beauties because I felt I needed more chocolate kick. This flavor is the latest edition to my Mini Pound Cake series, and I’m so excited to come up with so many more flavors and decorations unique to each flavor.

Baking is extremely fun because you can be as creative and crazy as you want with the flavors and decor as long as it all makes sense. Practice is also the key however, and not only do you have to rely on your sense of sight and smell, but also of touch. So to all you aspiring bakers out there – I was once like you, and the first time I tried to create my own cupcake recipe I nearly gagged. Passion and research is what drove me to greater heights, and I’m sure if you do the same, you will make yourself proud too 🙂IMG_20141231_093114[1]I added itsy bitsy teeny weeny (yellow polka-dot bikini) chocolate chips because I thought the glaze was too plain. And yupp I’m quite happy with how it looks now. I received positive reviews from my friends and some even want to repeat order, so I’m quite happy because I made them happy and made it worth their value for money.

Keep a lookout for more flavors and mini cakes to come! 😀



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