What I Learnt This Christmas

Lavender honey, rose, and vanilla macarons.

Lavender honey, rose, and vanilla macarons.

I started baking for my friends and family for fun during this festive season, and since it was a festive season, I got loads of bulk orders. I learned a lot during those 8 hard days of non-stop baking from 6am-9pm leading up to the 25th. Here’s a list of what crossed my mind so far:

  1. Never wear a white shirt to bake. Ever.
  2. Always remember/take note of where you placed your oven mittens. I overcooked a few macarons because I was running around the kitchen for 3 minutes trying to look for them. I kid you not.
  3. “Why fix something that is not broken?” Words that were told to me by a good friend when I tried to improve on a recipe which the general population received rather well. Experimentatioon and perfection is good, but be aware of the cost of your efforts because it may result in the ruination of what you tried to fix in the first place.




4. Practice makes perfect. I had some trouble piping out the frostings on my cupcakes at first, but after revising the designs they began to take shape slowly.

5. Never give up! It was tough work standing on my feet for maybe 6 hours straight baking, but after all I had been through, it was extremely satisfying.


I don’t know if what I said made any difference to your lives, but that’s what I learned and could apply to my life somehow. Anyway, it’s New Year’s Eve here and I have to take a short nap before the long-awaited countdown party, so I hope you enjoyed 2014, and I look forward to heading on into the new year with you all! 😄😄😄


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