Vanilla and Lemon Macarons

IMG_20141220_204800Christmas presents in the form of boxes ofmacarons and cupcakes were leaving my kitchen (or rather, my parent’s kitchen) by the dozens – nearly a 100 macaron boxes were baked in 5 days. Work started at 6am and ended at 10pm. If it wasn’t for the lovely parents who chauffered me around to deliver goods and went out to buy ingredients for me, I probably would have had no time to eat. I only ate lunch (which lasted half an hour) and that was considered a break.

So amongst this bleak routine, I decided I needed some color splash therapy and experimentation came into being. I was told that my goods were too dull and pastel-colored, so I thought I might as well jazz up my macarons.

IMG_20141220_123222I may have gone a little berserk over these vanilla macarons.

I wanted something that was outstanding to the eye, instead of a regular plain white shell. So I combined colors which fit nicely together and ended up with this galazy-like scheme. I daresay it looks kind of attractive in a psychedelic way.

This is a REAL vanilla macaron, meaning that the filling contains real vanilla beans instead of vanilla essence – this little baby has a powerful kick of vanilla. When I first bit into the egg-shell like crust, I nearly died from pleasure because vanilla is my most favorite flavor and this macaron is as vanilla as you can get.

I think I’m self-praising myself here.


Another method I decided to try out was this stripe method on my lemon macarons. I totally love the effect, and I think my friends liked it too due to the feedback I received when they bought it as gifts.

You have no idea how long I take to make these little babies. Even worse is when 1. The weather prevents your macarons from drying out quickly 2. You overmix the macaronage, which I did thrice because I was stressed, but this in turn, made me more stressed.

Overall, 110 macarons took me about 5-6hours because I had to bake the trays one by one as my oven is not industrial-sized. Imagine how many 600 macarons took me to make.

Well, at least the people whom tried it are coming back for more, so that made all the hard work worth it 🙂


I also love how the vanilla macarons looked like eggs, hence my mom’s idea to arrange them in a box with paper surrounding it like a nest. Creative, is it not?

One more picture of these macarons because I think they're soooo pretty if I may say so myself.

One more picture of these macarons because I think they’re soooo pretty if I may say so myself.

I do hope I made somebody’s Christmas with these homemade foods 🙂

Next post will probably be about my different flavored cupcakes, so stay tuned 😀


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