Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

IMG_20141017_085219Even though my cookies aren’t perfectly round, they sure taste good and I think everyone else agrees, judging by the way the cookies disappeared off the tray.

These cookies are white chocolate chips – just a personal preference. I love white chocolate compared to milk and dark chocolate. Not because of the color scheme (I am NOT being racist, if some smart-alecky bored people want to accuse me of being one) but because milk is too sweet for me and dark is too bitter. I’m really quite picky, especially when it comes to the clothes I wear. Alright that was kind of off topic but I hope you got what I meant about the chocolate part.


Some people love rolling their cookie batter using their hands and smearing it on each other’s face like in family advertisements about how baking with your children is good for family bonding, so you should buy this brand of milk to achieve the epitome of family satisfaction, but that is just a bit too unhygienic for me. Plus, it gets stuck to my nails and I find it a bit too much of a hassle to try and scrub it off. Also, cookie batter is not an effective make-up foundation, so stop wasting food people.

Thus, I just use a tablespoon and measure out pieces of the dough and then plop them onto my baking sheet. It makes approximately equal balls of dough which take the same time to cook, and also prevents me from getting bits of cookie batter in my hair.IMG_20141108_220545

Cookie batter really is a very versatile thing. There are a billion trillion ingredients (I’m just exaggerating, by the way) which you can add to it to create different flavored and textured cookies – just be creative and imaginative and the world will be an exciting place for you.

IMG_20141116_203346Like my cookie bags? These are the handiest things I have ever set my hands on, and the most adorable too 🙂 Although it may not look like much, I took half an hour to assemble and wrap up these little gift bags. These cookies have got my entire heart and soul in them people!


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