Mini Lavender Earl Grey Pound Cakes


These little pound cakes are such a pleasure to bake, decorate and package. I had the idea for these petite cakes when I was walking around the bake shop while on retail therapy (normal girls buy clothes, I buy cake pans XD) and spotted small rectangular pans. Immediately, I knew I had to buy them and test out an idea that had suddenly popped into my head, and off I went to find liners and packaging that fit the cake perfectly, which I did.


I brewed Earl Grey tea and added it into my cake batter as a proportion of my liquid addition. It smells so good, I don’t know how to explain how lovely your kitchen will smell. Just by adding it into my cake mix I thought I was heaven – so just imagine what I was like when the cakes came out of the oven.

For the lavender portion of the cake, I just used lavender sugar which I made myself. Extremely easy to do, I just scented some white sugar with lavender flowers in a little jar. The perfume which emanated after opening the cap of that bottle was incredible. By the way, lavender is my most favorite flower after roses, due to it’s scent and lilac color which I adore – all my hand soaps and body soaps are lavender scented (just a fun-fact šŸ™‚ )IMG_20141213_150842

You will always see this wooden background as a set for photo-shoots for my baked goods because it’s the only artistic surface I have, so just to give you a heads up, please don’t get bored of my pictures.

Anyway, I got some twine and wax paper and wrapped up my cake into a little parcel because, well, I love this sort of rustic packaging. I am totally CRAZY over everything to do with the texture of crimply paper – it’s just somehow familiar and comforting to the touch.


I poured a simple glaze over my cakes as well, and decorated it with individual lavender buds just to give it extra lavender-kick. As you can see by the color combination of my table cloth, I am all decked up and ready for Christmas (have been since November if you believe it or not. Christmas always comes one month early in this home).


And another picture of this packaging because, why not? šŸ™‚


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