Red Velvet Cupcakes


So yesterday I was thinking about what to bake with my leftover cream cheese in the fridge, and what else other than classic Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting?

This is probably the recipe I am most proud of to date. The texture of the cake is light, fluffy, and moist. The frosting has just the right amount of cream cheese to balance out the sweetness of the icing sugar and butter, plus it’s smooth and melts in your mouth. This is definitely a recipe I won’t make any changes to.


This was my first time frosting a cupcake in the shape of a rose, and I decided to give it a two-toned effect just to make it a little less boring. I wouldn’t say I’m proud of my decorating techniques just yet – there’s still plenty of room for improvement (unfortunately I am not an artsy-fartsy 😦 )


I’m definitely going to continue experimenting and designing different cupcake frostings to match the flavor and color of my little cakes. I already have so many in mind! I don’t know if I am the only one, but I can’t sleep sometimes because my brain is involuntarily shuffling through all unique, potential flavor pairings and aesthetic qualities that I can incorporate into a classic cupcake.

My aunt just bought me pickled sakura flowers from Japan, and boy am I excited to use them! Maybe something sakura flavored would be a novelty here. But I will have to plan it all out well because sakura is pricey :O But on top of that, I bought dried lavender, osmanthus, and jasmine flowers (if you have not noticed, I have an undying love for all things floral). It’s going to be such great fun experimenting in the kitchen!

IMG_20141201_100703Yum I just want to eat the rest of the 8 cupcakes I have left in the fridge, but unfortunately they’re reserved for my friends coming over to stay all the way from Kenya. They’re missionaries from Turkana and goodness they are great friends – which reminds me that I should post pictures from my trip to Africa up here soon.

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming up soon! 😀


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